Optimising digital experience
through testing and analytic tools

A/B testing and providing analysis for luxury brand

Client:  Moncler
Role and responsibilities: UX/ UI, data analysis
Sector:  Luxury outerwear

Project overview

Moncler is a Italian luxury fashion brand specialised in ready-to-wear outerwear. In 2021 Moncler launched their brand new website and app and following the digital experience team had the challenging task of continuously monitoring the performance of the products and improving them using testing and analytical tools. As a member of the team, I was responsible for designing new features for the website and app, analyzing data from analytical tools, and optimizing and enhancing the digital products.

One of the key tasks during my time with the company was designing a new technical product page for the Grenoble collection, one of the brand's most iconic product lines. Another project I worked on was developing a tool that verifies the authenticity and origin of Moncler products by checking the item's unique identification code.
To further improve the product, I participated in over 15 A/B tests, which were conducted over a period of three months using Kameleoon.

Technical product page

Moncler's Grenoble collection, with its focus on mountain outerwear, needed a new page design to showcase its technical properties differently than the normal product page. The final design includes different modules, graphs, and is adapted for both dark and light mode.

Code Moncler

We developed a website that enables users to check the authenticity and origin of Moncler products by registering and entering the item's numeric code, providing information about the model name and associated unique identification code.

A/B testing

Our team conducted over 15 A/B tests over a period of three months to improve the digital products' overall experience. We presented the results and shared them with other teams, and data-based decisions were made to alter the product. Our analysis involved using various analytical tools, including Google Analytics and Contentsquare, to better understand user behavior and optimize the digital experience.