Creating revolutionary
cooking experience

Personalised cooking app experience

Concept project for Politecnico di Milano
Role: UX/UI, Product design
Design team:  Nicola Besana, Tatiana Martinez, Tala Chehade, Giuseppe Fazio, Mira Ivanova

Project overview

Cooquill is a platform providing content from professionals and chef stars. You can not only access tutorial and masterclasses but it also helps you pair dishes and create a menu for your special meals. Our app is flexible enough to allow our users to freely navigate through the recipes and explore variations as well as paths in order to cook just the way they want.
We took inspiration from The Washington post article “Recipes are dead” according to which people find following recipes as the old way to cook and find it boring. Another source of inspiration was the movie Bandersnatch.

We took the concept of cooking as having different directions and not following a path. You having the freedom to choose at some point where do you want to go with your dish. Cooking as becoming an adventure. The focus is on the user being in control and feeling like a chef. Getting experts insights the users can cook with confidence, and the app will adapt the recipes to their choices/decisions.

Visual identity

We wanted to create a premium and exclusive feeling with our art direction, focusing onthe content, and especially on the recipe images. We went for a dark theme, classy styleof font, and very nice, detailed images of food. 


The single recipe page includes description and a list of all ingredients needed
- add to favourites and visualise similar recipes
- switch ingredients feature based on taste and preferences
- smart quantities calculator

Tablet adaptation